Puerta interna de vidrio, marco de acero, con cerradura de privacidad

Presenting the TKM-YY11(TY2.112.467.44) steel framed internal glass door with privacy Lock, your perfect choice for interior door use.

N º de Modelo.: TKM-YY11(TY2.112.467.44)
Número de referencia.: 151000-0814
Breve descripción: Steel framed glass swing door with privacy lock
Posición: Para uso en puertas interiores
Solicitud: For bathroom or kitchen, residential or commercial
Estilo de apertura: Swing opening
Material principal: Acero al carbono, Vidrio templado
Acabado de la superficie: Recubrimiento en polvo negro
Tamaño de la puerta 2158*896x40mmmm
Grosor de la puerta 40 mm
Espesor de vidrio 5 mm
Patrón de vidrio: clear glass
Durabilidad: 100000 ciclos de trabajo


Optimized for residential and commercial use, our internal glass door fits perfectly in your bathroom or kitchen. With a swing opening style, it brings a blend of industrial and rustic aesthetics to any space.

Built from robust carbon steel and 5mm tempered clear glass, the door guarantees durability with an impressive 100,000 working cycles.

This sturdy steel frame ensures superior stability to aluminum frames or frameless glass doors. Plus, it measures 2158*896x40mm, with a door thickness of 40mm.

Designed with user privacy, this internal glass door features a lock that can be engaged from the inside. The black powder-coated surface finish adds an extra touch of sophistication.

Customization options are available; silk screens can be added for decoration, or the glass can sport a custom pattern.

Moreover, the package includes the door panel, hardware, and detailed instructions for an effortless installation.

We are happy to develop your ideal door if you have regular orders. Enjoy quality and elegance with our internal glass door.

Line drawings

Line drawings



Paquete de productos

Método de embalaje A piece of full door into a carton, with EPE or equivalent filling material inside the carton, then 13 cartons onto a pallet. The outer carton can be painted company logo or pasted the color paper product info.
Tipo de embalaje de la unidad de venta Caja de cartón
Tamaño de embalaje de la unidad de venta 2250*985*90mm
Tamaño de paleta 2270*1105*1300mm
Cargando CANTIDAD 100PCS for 1x20GP and 250PCS for 1x40HQ


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