Mini Barn Door Hardware Kit for Cabinet, Face Mounting Style

For small TV stands, wardrobe cabinets, and mini doors, the face-mounting style mini barn door hardware kit for cabinet is the ideal solution. With this adaptable product, you can offer an innovative and helpful option that accommodates residential and commercial settings.


N º de Modelo.: YMXT-CG04
Número de referencia.: 150204-0664
Breve descripción: Sistema de puerta de granero corrediza estilo mini montaje frontal para gabinete
Posición: Para pequeños soportes de TV, armarios, mini puertas
Solicitud: Tanto para uso residencial como comercial
Material principal: Acero carbono
Acabado de la superficie: Recubrimiento en polvo negro
Tamaño del perfil del riel: 25x3mm
Longitud del riel: 2000 mm (6,6 pies) o para personalizar
Carga máxima: 40 kg (88 libras)
Ciclos de trabajo: 100000ciclos
Para tipo de puerta: Puertas de madera
Para grosor de puerta: 25 mm (1 pulgada)
Cierre suave: Opcional


This mini barn door hardware kit has a sleek black powder coating over strong carbon steel to provide durability and a striking appearance.

A stable and seamless sliding experience is guaranteed by the 25x3mm rail profile and a rail length that can be customized up to 2000mm (6.6FT). With a 40kg maximum loading capacity,  it can also support a variety of wooden cabinet doors (88 lbs).

Our mini barn door hardware kit includes an optional soft closing mechanism for added user convenience and is designed to work with 25mm (1 inch) thick doors. And it is easy to achieve the desired aesthetic thanks to the decorative bent strap’s modern, rustic appeal created by the matte black finish and finish.

Additionally, its various track lengths are appropriate for single or double mini doors up to 12″ in width. This versatile mini barn door hardware kit offers an ideal blend of style and functionality with its space-saving sliding opening design and compatibility with a wide range of applications.

Hence, by incorporating this unique and high-quality product into your range, you can assist in transforming interior spaces with a mix of rustic allure and modern design.




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