Sistema de riel para puerta corrediza, montaje superior, para puertas de 1 a 1 3/4 pulgadas de grosor

Presenting our top mounting style sliding door track system, specifically designed to cater to doors with thicknesses ranging from 1 inch to 1 3/4 inches.

N º de Modelo.: YMXT-BG04
Número de referencia.: 150204-0259
Breve descripción: Sistema de puerta de granero corrediza de estilo de montaje superior
Posición: Para uso en puertas interiores
Solicitud: Tanto para uso residencial como comercial
Material principal: Acero carbono
Acabado de la superficie: Recubrimiento en polvo negro
Tamaño del perfil del riel: 40x6mm
Longitud del riel: 1830 mm (72 pulgadas), 2000 mm (78-3/4 pulgadas), 2134 mm (84 pulgadas), 2438 mm (96 pulgadas)
Carga máxima: 100 kg (220 libras)
Ciclos de trabajo: 100000ciclos
Para tipo de puerta: Puertas de madera, Puertas con marco de metal
Para grosor de puerta: 25 mm (1 pulgada) a 45 mm (1-3/4 pulgada)
Cierre suave: Opcional


Our sliding door track system’s top-mount design means there’s no need to drill into the face of your door, keeping its original beauty intact.

Constructed from hard-wearing carbon steel, it is as sturdy as they come. Plus, with its sleek black powder coating, it looks classy and has an extra shield against wear and tear.

This sliding door track system comes with a 40x6mm rail profile and offers a choice of four different lengths, including1830mm(72inch), 2000mm(78-3/4inch), 2134mm(84inch), 2438mm(96inch), so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

The system plays nicely with wooden and metal frame doors, allowing you to use it wherever needed.

Built to handle up to 100kg(220LBS) and proven to last for a whopping 100,000 cycles, you can trust it will be a durable and reliable part of your interior for years to come.

Moreover, we know how annoying a noisy door can be. That’s why we offer an optional soft closing feature. It’ll ensure your doors slide smoothly and quietly along the track, making your space even more serene.

In a nutshell, our top mounting style sliding barn door hardware is a stylish and functional addition to any residential or commercial setting.

Why wait? Give your project a style upgrade with this sliding door track system today!




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Montaje de piezas

Montaje de piezas

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Método de embalaje Componentes en cajas y un juego completo en una caja de cartón, alrededor de 60 cajas de cartón en una caja de madera.
Tipo de embalaje de la unidad de venta Caja de cartón
Tamaño de embalaje de la unidad de venta 2040x155x75mm
CANTIDAD/Palet 60 juegos/placa
Tamaño de paleta 213x90x108cm
Cargando CANTIDAD 720 juegos para 1x20GP; 1690 juegos para 1x40HQ


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