MM-GC06 36in x 84in Knocked Down Version K Sstyle White DIY Assembly Wooden Barn Door

Modello numero.: MM-GC06
Ref no.: NA
Breve descrizione: 36in x 84in Knocked down version K style white wooden barn door, DIY Assembly
Posizione: Per uso porta interna
Applicazione: For residential use
Opening Style: Apertura scorrevole
Materiale principale: MDF+Fir
Finitura superficiale: PVC film
Door Size: 2134 * 914 mm (84 pollici x 36 pollici)
Door Thickness: 35mm
Altri: 1. With bottom groove (to work with floor guide);

2. It’s knocked-down slab wooden barn doors with accessories, including screws set for end users to assemble the door.


Più Introduzione

This Knocked down version K style wooden barn door is specially for E-commerce businesses. With accessories including screws set,the wooden slabs could be assembled to a door conveniently by the secrew connection method. The knoncked down design makes the carton smaller, just right for handling, and also makes less shipping cost. The PVC film finish instead of the painting makes lower cost and more eco-friendly. With regard to the K style wooden barn door itself, it is a classic, which will never go out of style and it could satisfy your need of aesthetics. Especially combining the exposed black barn door hardware, it’s suitable for home decoration no matter it’s industrial style, rustic style or modern style. The sliding opening saves space and allows for use in tighter places where a normal swinging door may not work. There are many other door patterns for your selection, also the door size could be customized. welcome to contact and negotiate.

components list

components list

Components List

Installation Instruction

Installation Instruction

Pacchetto del prodotto

Metodo di imballaggio A piece of a full door (knocked down slabs) into a carton, with EPE or equivalent filling material inside the carton, then 26 cartons onto a pallet.
Tipo di imballaggio dell'unità di vendita cartone
Dimensioni dell'imballaggio dell'unità di vendita 2210*435*85mm
QTÀ/Pallet 26PCS/PLT
Dimensione del pallet 2230*980*1055mm
Caricamento QTÀ 472PCS for 1x40HQ


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