Bypassare l'hardware della porta del fienile

If you lack sufficient space on both sides of your doorway for a bi-part barn door setup, the bypass barn door hardware kit provides an excellent solution. This kit allows you to overlap one door in front of the other using the bypass barn door track, granting increased accessibility to your entryway by stacking the barn doors vertically. While double-track bypass sliding door hardware kits offer more versatility than single-track bypass barn door hardware, they do require additional overhead clearance. Many individuals appreciate the aesthetics of single-track bypass barn doors, although they may not offer the same level of dynamic functionality as double bypass barn door hardware. It’s important to note that bypassing doors on the track cannot be separated. Whether you require bypass barn doors for a closet, pantry, or any other room in your home, a sliding bypass barn door hardware kit is an ideal choice for your installation.

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