Kitchen Swing Door, 4 Lites, Black Steel Frame with Glass

Unveil the charm of industrial design with our 4 lites kitchen swing door in a black steel frame, perfect for both residential and commercial interiors.

Modello numero.: TKM-YY11
Rif. NO.: 151000-0428&0429
Breve descrizione: 4 Lites Swing Black Steel Frame Glass Barn Door
Posizione: Per uso porta interna
Applicazione: Sia ad uso residenziale che commerciale
Stile di apertura: Apertura battente
Materiale principale: Acciaio al carbonio, Vetro temperato
Finitura superficiale: Verniciatura a polvere nera
Dimensioni della porta 2115x830mm e 2315x930mm o personalizzato
Door&Frame thickness 40 mm
Spessore del vetro 4mm
Modello di vetro: Chiaro
Altri: Con il telaio della porta e le cerniere, anche le maniglie sono opzionali


Fashioned from durable carbon steel and tempered glass, this TKM-YY11 kitchen swing door boasts a large glass insert that enriches any space with its striking visual appeal.

Its size can be either 2115x830mm or 2315x930mm, and it can also be customized to suit your needs. All this is finished in a black powder coating highlighting its sophisticated design.

The door and frame thickness measures 40mm, and the glass thickness at 4mm, with a clear pattern that brings out this kitchen swing door’s charm.

Complete with a door frame, hinges, and optional handles; you will find the door installation a breeze.

The door’s swing opening style is a timeless element that can beautifully align with any contemporary, rustic, or industrial decor.

Plus, we offer frosted, gray, embossed, and other glass types to cater to your unique design sensibilities.

Consequently, contact us today and invest in this kitchen swing door.

Pacchetto del prodotto

Metodo di imballaggio Each door has a cardboard box with EPE strips and 4 corner protectors around the box. Then a certain amount will be placed in a plywood pallet. This packing method is suitable for physical stores. If you need to sell online, we also have stronger mail-order packaging.
Tipo di imballaggio dell'unità di vendita cartone
Dimensioni dell'imballaggio dell'unità di vendita 2260*975*90mm e 2450*1075*90mm
QTÀ/Pallet 10 PZ/PLT
Dimensione del pallet 2330*1045*1060 mm e 2530*1145*1060 mm
Caricamento QTÀ 100PCS per 1x20GP e 220PCS per 1x40GP


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