Aluminum Track Heavy Duty Sliding Door Hardware Industrial System with Aluminum Cover

N º de Modelo.: YMXT-XC31
Número de referencia.: 150305-4284
Breve descripción: Aluminum track sliding wooden door system with aluminum cover
Posición: Para uso en puertas interiores
Solicitud: Both for residential & commercial use
Material principal: Aluminio
Acabado de la superficie: Anodization or black powder coating
Cover&rail Profile Size: 66*83mm
Longitud del riel: 2000 mm (78-3/4 pulgadas), o para personalizar
Carga máxima: 120kg(264LBS)
Ciclos de trabajo: 100000ciclos
Para tipo de puerta: Puertas de madera, Puertas con marco de metal
Para grosor de puerta: 35mm(1-3/8inch) to 45mm(1-3/4inch)
Cierre suave: Included (Optional)
Características: This is quite suitable for commercial use like for hospitality projects.


Más Introducción

This is quite a European-style aluminum track sliding wooden door system, the hanging wheels and doorstops are concealed inside the track, which makes the entire sliding door quite simple but decent. It’s quite durable, which could be sustainable for more than 100000 working cycles. The softing closing is included in the product as a default configuration, which guarantees the comfortable using experience as well as the safety preventing from the fingers being hit when the doors are slammed down. Thanks for the max loading is 120kg, this product is quite suitable for commercial use like for a hospitality project as an entry into the bathroom.



Montaje de piezas

Montaje de piezas

Paquete de productos

Método de embalaje Components into boxes and a complete set into a carton, around 91 cartons into a wooden crate.
Tipo de embalaje de la unidad de venta Caja de cartón
Tamaño de embalaje de la unidad de venta 2040*125*70mm
Tamaño de paleta 2120*940*1070mm
Cargando CANTIDAD 1092sets/20GP, 2184sets/40GP

The moving parts of this heavy duty industrial sliding door track system are concealed, giving the entire setup a neat and elegant look. The barn door hardware also contains components that are easy to fix, so you are confident the barn door panel will stay in its position regardless of how often the sliding doors are used.

It is best to buy door hardwares from a reputable company like ours. Buying from us comes with a guarantee that the barn doors will work as expected and the door hangers will last for many years. The package also comes with a complete guide for the installation process, enhancing your chances of having a smooth operation, whether the door is for residential applications or in commercial buildings.

Smooth Sliding Door Operation

sliding door hardware industrial

All the components of the barn door hardware are designed to make the sliding doors work smoothly. The soft close parts are a perfect match for the rail length, preventing slamming, which increases the lifespan of the door frame and panels. Also, the components for wall mounting have been designed to accommodate the correct weight capacity so the sliding doors cannot collapse after a few months of use.

The smooth operation and soft closing doors also mean the occupants of the house have fewer worries about noisy sliding doors, and the door hangers hold the frame high up to maintain proper clearance from the ground.

Where to Install Sliding Doors

The sliding door track systems are the best options for most homeowners who would like a proper blend of rustic and modern interior decor. The system is compatible with single track or double sliding doors.

If you are uncertain, we can confidently state that the barn door model is perfect for homes where people live and commercial buildings, including restaurants and hotels.

The barn door has a basic door track and door guide system that anyone can operate without stress. This means that installing these sliding doors in any place will not confuse the users. However, it is essential to complete the installation using the best heavy duty aluminum track industrial sliding door hardware system with an aluminum cover.

Product Description

sliding door hardware industrial

We sell the best hardware kit for industrial aluminum sliding door track systems. This product is in high demand because the customers get top value from it. Here are the top features that make this hardware kit unique:

Aluminum Cover

There is an aluminum cover shielding the aluminum track sliding wood door system. The cover gives the installation a neat look, and it also blends with the wood door panel.

Main Material

The main material used in making this hardware kit is aluminum and steel for the moving parts. The surface finishing is also flawless, done with black powder coating or anodization.

Maximum Loading Capacity

The system has a maximum load capacity of 264 lbs, which is pretty convenient for most projects requiring barn door hardware.

Rail Length

The standard rail length for this door track is 78 – 3/4 inch, which is adequate for most projects. However, you can request customized measurements when needed.

Door Thickness

The panel for these sliding doors can be wood or metal frame doors. The standard thickness should be from 35 mm to 45 mm. And the system has an average working cycle of 100,000 counts.

Order in Bulk

You can invest in these aluminum track heavy duty industrial sliding door hardware systems today. They are the best quality on the market and last for many years. Send us your customer contact form to order today.


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