Vantail de porte coulissante moderne, cadre en acier noir, avec verre

Presenting this modern sliding door leaf, a stunning embodiment of industrial chic, designed to accentuate any interior space.

Numéro de modèle : TKM-B13
Réf. NON.: 151000-1818&1819
Brève description : Modern Black Steel Frame Sliding Glass Barn Door leaf
Position: Pour porte intérieure
Application: Usage résidentiel et commercial
Mode d'ouverture : Ouverture coulissante
Matériau principal: Acier au carbone, Verre trempé
Finition de surface: Revêtement en poudre noire
Taille de la porte 2150x1000mm &2350x1000mm ou personnalisé
Épaisseur de la porte : 32mm
Épaisseur du verre : 4mm
Modèle de verre : Clair
Les autres: Avec rainure inférieure (pour travailler avec guide au sol)


Fashioned from robust carbon steel and resilient tempered glass, our TKM-B13 modern sliding door boasts a sleek black powder coating.

It comes in standard sizes of 2150x1000mm or 2350x1000mm and can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

Also, the door and glass thickness stands at 32mm and 4mm, respectively, with a clear glass pattern that blends seamlessly with the overall design.

Complementing its beauty is the sliding opening function, paired with the black sliding barn door hardware and exposed rollers.

Perfectly suited for residential and commercial settings, it promises to breathe a new lease of life into your interiors.

This modern sliding door installation is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes while offering a sophisticated French touch to your space.

In addition to clear glass, we offer frosted, gray, embossed, and other glass types to cater to varied aesthetic preferences.

Overall, contact us today and invest in our modern sliding door.

Paquet de produit

Méthode d'emballage Each door has a cardboard box with EPE strips and 4 corner protectors around the box. Then a certain amount will be placed in a plywood pallet. This packing method is suitable for physical stores, if you need to sell online, we also have stronger mail-order packaging.
Type d'emballage de l'unité de vente Carton
Taille de l'emballage de l'unité de vente 2240*1080*60mm&2440*1080*60mm
QTÉ/Palette 15 pièces/PLT
Taille de la palette 2300*1150*1060mm&2500*1150*1060mm
Quantité de chargement 150 pièces pour 1x20GP et 300 pièces pour 1x40GP

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