150101-0017 Kit binari per porte scorrevoli in vetro in acciaio inox

Looking for a versatile and durable solution for both residential and commercial settings? Why not consider the 150101-0017 stainless steel sliding glass door track kit for your wholesale project? This high-quality sliding system is designed for interior use and features a sleek brushed stainless steel finish that complements various decors.


Modello numero.: YMXT-YG63
Ref no.: 150101-0017
Breve descrizione: Kit binario ferramenta per ante scorrevoli in vetro in acciaio inox
Posizione: Per uso porta interna
Applicazione: Sia per uso residenziale che commerciale
Materiale principale: Acciaio inossidabile
Finitura superficiale: Acciaio inossidabile spazzolato
Lunghezza della guida: 2000 mm (78-3/4 pollici) o da personalizzare
Caricamento massimo: 120 kg
Cicli di lavoro: 100000 cicli
Per tipo di porta: Porte in vetro
Per spessore porta: 8-12 mm
Caratteristiche: Sia per uso residenziale che commerciale


The sliding glass door track kit is made of sturdy stainless steel, has an impressive maximum loading capacity of 120 kg, and is designed to last for up to 100,000 working cycles. Additionally, it is ideal for accommodating glass doors with 8mm to 12mm thicknesses.

Our sliding glass door track kit offers a seamless solution, ideal for spaces with paramount aesthetics and functionality, such as offices, hotel rooms, laundry rooms, closets, bathrooms, and multi-family units. The stainless steel hangers glide effortlessly on nylon wheels, ensuring smooth and quiet operation, making it an excellent choice for shared spaces.

Each hanger is equipped with an anti-rise pin to prevent the door from being lifted off the track, providing an added layer of security. Moreover, it meets the performance requirements of ANSI/BHMA 156.14, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

Thus, expand your wholesale product offerings with this elegant and practical sliding glass door track kit, perfect for a wide range of applications.




Assemblaggio di parti

Assemblaggio di parti

Pacchetto del prodotto

Metodo di imballaggio Componenti in scatole e un set completo in una scatola, circa 66 scatole in una cassa di legno.
Tipo di imballaggio dell'unità di vendita cartone
Dimensioni dell'imballaggio dell'unità di vendita 2040*140*70 MM
QTÀ/Pallet 66/PLT
Dimensione del pallet 2090*910*970 MILLIMETRI
Caricamento QTÀ 1040 set/20 GP, 2080 set/40 GP, 2400 set/40 HQ


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