159900-1232 Wandmontagebeugel voor Bypass Barn Door Flat Tracks

Take your wholesale business to the next level by offering the 159900-1232 wall mount bracket, a premium accessory for bypass barn door flat track systems. Designed for interior doors, this versatile barn door bypass bracket is perfect for catering to residential and commercial needs.


Modelnr.: YMXTBG01-H
ref.nr.: 159900-1232
Korte beschrijving: Wandmontagebeugel voor vlakke rails voor bypass-schuurdeuren
Positie: Voor binnendeurgebruik
Sollicitatie: Zowel residentieel als commercieel gebruik
Hoofd materiaal: Koolstofstaal
Oppervlakteafwerking: Zwarte poedercoating
Gewichtscapaciteit per deur 80 tot 100 kg
Spoortype Platte staven
Gedetailleerde deurbeweging Omzeilen


Our barn door bypass bracket is crafted from robust carbon steel, ensuring exceptional durability and sturdiness. Its elegant black powder coating finish adds a touch of sophistication to the product while providing extra protection against wear and tear.

This versatile barn door bypass bracket is suitable for many applications, boasting an impressive weight capacity of 80 to 100 kg per door. And the flat bar track type enables smooth, detailed door movement, allowing for effortless bypassing of doors, making it a perfect addition to any living or working space.

So boost the stability and performance of your sliding door systems with this high-quality barn door bypass bracket, designed to deliver optimal performance when mounted to a solid structure. When installing on a standard drywall stud frame constructed wall, it’s crucial to use solid blocking to support the total weight of all doors and hardware.

Additionally, please note that these brackets do not compensate for drywall compression, so proper installation is essential for maintaining the smooth and reliable functionality of your bypass barn door setup. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information or to place an order!





Inpak methode Een volledige set in dozen en 10 dozen in een doos
Verpakkingstype verkoopeenheid: Doos
Verkoopeenheid Verpakkingsgrootte: 265*230*270mm
AANTAL/Pallet 5 reeksen/CTN
Palletgrootte NVT
AANTAL laden 18000sets voor 1x20GP

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