159900-1398 Slow Motion-set voor Oleni

Upgrade your wholesale product range with the 159900-1398 slow motion set for oleni, a sophisticated accessory that provides a smooth and gentle closing experience for sliding barn doors. Ideal for both residential and commercial interior door applications, this slow closing door mechanism is a valuable addition to your product offerings.


Modelnr.: ZN-DX01
ref.nr.: 159900-1398
Korte beschrijving: Slow motion-set voor Oleni
Positie: Voor binnendeurgebruik
Sollicitatie: Zowel residentieel als commercieel gebruik
Hoofd materiaal: Kunststof, SS304, aluminium
Oppervlakteafwerking: Anodisatie aluminium
Maximaal laden: 65kg (143LBS)
Werkcycli: 35000cycli
Voor deurtype: Houten deuren
Functies: Geen voorgeboorde gaten op de rails nodig


Constructed from high-quality materials, including plastic, SS304, and aluminum, our slow closing door mechanism boasts an anodized aluminum finish for an elegant appearance. With a maximum load capacity of 65kg (143 lbs) and a remarkable 35,000 working cycles, it is suitable for wooden doors and is built to last.

One of the standout features of this slow closing door mechanism is its hassle-free installation, as there is no need for pre-drilled holes on the rails. This user-friendly design makes it an attractive choice.

Furthermore, it ensures that barn doors close quietly and softly, reducing noise and offer added safety for users, particularly children. By preventing doors from slamming, this kit also helps protect doors from potential damage.

Consequently, enhance your wholesale portfolio with our slow closing door mechanism, offering a sleek and efficient solution for sliding door systems. This innovative accessory caters to the needs of both residential and commercial applications, making it an ideal addition to any interior door setup.


Gedeeltelijke montage

Gedeeltelijke montage


Inpak methode Een volledige set in dozen en 40 dozen in een doos
Verpakkingstype verkoopeenheid: Doos
Verkoopeenheid Verpakkingsgrootte: 75*35*320MM
AANTAL/Pallet 40 reeksen/CTN

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