Bypass schuifdeurbeslag Geen onderste rail Dubbel kanaal Bovenste track kastdeursysteem

Modelnr.: YMXT-XC40 150305-4246
Korte beschrijving: Bypassing houten schuifdeursysteem voor kast
Positie: Voor binnendeurgebruik
Sollicitatie: residentieel
Hoofd materiaal: Aluminium
Oppervlakteafwerking: Anodisatie of zwarte poedercoating
Cover&rail profielgrootte: 103*56mm (voor dubbele omzeilende deuren)
Spoorlengte: 1830 mm (72 inch), of aan te passen
Maximaal laden: 68kg (150LBS)
Werkcycli: 100000cycli
Voor deurtype: Houten deuren
Voor deurdikte: 35 mm (1-3/8 inch) tot 45 mm (1-3/4 inch)
Zachte sluiting: Optioneel
Functies: This is quite suitable for closets, wardrobes, cupboards
anderen: It’s ceiling mounted usually


Meer introductie

This bypassing sliding door system is a highly adaptable hardware set designed for residential and light commercial sliding door applications where quality, trouble-free operation, and long life are a necessity. Standard heavy-duty fully adjustable three-wheel hangers with ball bearing inside to bring smooth and quiet door operation and it take 5lbs force to move the door. Triple wheel design means all wheels carry equal door weight to bring less noise and long working life. Soft close/open is available if needed.



Gedeeltelijke montage

Gedeeltelijke montage


Inpak methode Componenten in dozen en een complete set in een doos, ongeveer 91 dozen in een houten kist.
Verpakkingstype verkoopeenheid: Karton
Verkoopeenheid Verpakkingsgrootte: 1860*125*70mm
AANTAL/Pallet 91/PLT
Palletgrootte 1940*940*1070mm
AANTAL laden 1092sets/20GP, 2184sets/40GP

Sliding doors are now among the top searched features homeowners are looking for when planning their interior decor. This is because these doors are durable and beautiful. They blend in seamlessly with the interior decor, leaving everyone with a pleasant impression. Not only that, sliding doors are easy to use and suitable for use in residential homes with adults or young children.

You can enjoy your bypass sliding doors for many years if you have ensured the installers use the best sliding door hardware kit. These kits enable the sliding doors to work perfectly, and installation is quick. But there are too many vendors selling these door hardware kits online. How do you know which is real?

This is where we come in. Our company has built an impressive reputation for selling excellently designed door hardware kits for different types of sliding doors. We sell products that allow for an easy installation process and last for years. The kits are also suitable for the hidden or visible door track, depending on what you want.

What’s the Advantage of Using Bypassing Sliding Door Hardware?

The sliding door hardware kit is suitable for many types of door slabs, with a wide range of door thickness measurements. Here are the top reasons why it is a major feature when installing sliding doors:

Secure Hanging Sliding Doors

The hardware kit for sliding doors ensures it is secure. The door hardware is the part that holds the bypass sliding doors in their position for many years. The hardware is securely fixed to the doors using screws, bolts, and other fasteners and then attached to the door frame. When you use our door hardware kit correctly, you can rest assured that the closet door will remain upright for many years and have no worries about any collapse.

Soft Closing

The bypass sliding door hardware kit we sell also comes with an assurance you will enjoy a soft closing experience when using the bypass sliding doors. There are no elaborate instructions for this process, and the hardware kit’s components stay on the track and glide over without making noise any time you open or close the bypass sliding doors.


The door hardware kit is made of aluminum alloy. We can confirm it is the most durable door hardware kit you will find online.

Customized Track Length

If your minimum order quantity meets certain conditions. You can get the bypassing sliding door hardware to close an opening with any measurement. The hardware can fit on any track length, according to the opening you want to screen with the sliding door.

Features of the Bypass Sliding Doors Hardware Kit

The features are simple so that you won’t get confused. However, if you want to install these products, ensure you hire experienced professionals for a quick and efficient installation on the tracks.

Soft Closing Mechanism

The mechanism is made of plastic with a black-colored finish that blends with the other hardware parts. It is designed to work for 100,000 cycles with a rail thickness of 6 mm. It also has a maximum loading capacity of 60 kg, which is impressive. These parts are perfect for flat tracks, and there is no need to drill holes.

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You can buy these hardware kits for bypass sliding doors today. Send us your customer contact form, and we will respond quickly.

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