Classic Style Best Soft Close Barn Door Hardware

Modell nr.: YMXT-BG01(TSQ04 soft closing)
Ref.NR: 150204-0772
Kort beskrivning: Classic style sliding barn door system with soft closing
Placera: För användning inom innerdörr
Ansökan: Både privat och kommersiellt bruk
Huvudmaterial: Kolstål
Ytfinish: Svart pulverlack
Rälsprofilstorlek: 40x6 mm
Skenlängd: 1830 mm (72 tum), 2 000 mm (78-3/4 tum), 2134 mm (84 tum), 2 438 mm (96 tum)
Max laddning: 100 kg (220 LBS)
Arbetscykler: 100 000 cykler
För dörrtyp: Trädörrar, Metallramdörrar
För dörrtjocklek: 25 mm (1 tum) till 45 mm (1-3/4 tum)
Mjuk stängning: Frivillig


Mer introduktion

This is a quite typical style of barn door hardware with soft closing. The soft closing could prevent the slam from hitting the fingers of anybody, and the soft closing itself enhances the good user experience. The barn door was originally used as a warehouse door on the farm, It was later incorporated into interior use with an improved design.
Eftersom de skjutbara ladugårdsdörrarna är perfekta för en mängd olika inredningsstilar, såsom rustik stil, industriell stil, nordisk, modern stil, etc., blir det ett val för fler och fler hushåll globalt.



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Förpackningsmetod Komponenter i lådor och en komplett uppsättning i en kartong, ca 88 set kartonger i en trälåda.
Försäljningsenhet Förpackningstyp Kartong
Försäljningsenhet Förpackningsstorlek 2040x135x80mm
ANTAL/Pall 88 set/PLT
Pallstorlek 213x111x106cm
Laddar QTY 880-set för 1x20GP; 1920-set för 1x40HQ

You will never have to worry about banging sounds and annoying disruptions when opening or closing your barn doors because these products come with the best soft close mechanisms. It is an essential feature, especially when smaller children are in the house. Monitoring these kids all the time can be a problem in preventing them from banging on the door frame when using barn doors. Even the adults are guilty of closing the barn door too hard sometimes. But, thankfully, we have the soft close mechanism to the rescue.

What is the Soft Closing Feature for Barn Doors?

best soft close barn door hardware

The soft closing feature is designed to allow the user to close the wood barn door panel without making any annoying noises. Using the barn door silently is possible when the system has a best soft close barn door hardware.

The sliding barn door hardware with a soft close mechanism does not come with all barn door models. Hence, confirming it is part of the package before making a purchase is essential.

How It Works

Sliding barn doors are among the most often used features in homes. They are best for creating privacy and separating different areas in the house. These barn doors feature one or two soft close mechanisms. The hardware used to hold the barn door up against the entrance is what makes the soft close mechanism work perfectly.

The barn door soft close mechanisms work perfectly and last long. The soft close feature works perfectly when the hardware can efficiently slow down the barn door wood panel before it reaches the end when you open or close the door. This means the wood panel will not slam against the installed hardware at both ends of the opening and closing mechanism. Also, you would require less force when using the barn door.

Product Features – Soft Close Hardware Description

best soft close barn door hardware

Here are the top features of using these barn door hardware in residential or commercial barn door installation projects:

Classic Design

It is hard not to fall in love with the classic barn door hardware design, with the soft closing feature as an added advantage. The hardware ensures the wood panel makes contact with the ends without disruptive banging noises. The classic design seamlessly blends with the interior design in the house or commercial space, making these products perfect for interior use.

Excellent Surface Finishing

The entire hardware for the barn door soft close mechanisms is made of carbon steel and finished with a black powder coating, which has an impressive physical appearance. It absolutely complements the two soft close mechanisms, track, and other parts of the barn door soft close hardware.


The installation is fast, and the barn door soft close hardware can work efficiently for over 100,000 cycles. This makes them durable and the best choice for all homeowners who need a soft close track that works silently.


The rail profile for the soft close hardware is 40×6 mm, and it has a rail length of about 1830 to 2438 mm. This is an adequate measurement for different types of barn door sizes.

Maximal lastkapacitet

The soft close enabled hardware can support up to 100 kg. This is an excellent loading capacity for these barn door hardware and best for wood barn door panels with thicknesses from 25 mm to 45 mm. The hardware can also be used for barn door systems with metal frame door panels.

Order the Improved Design Today

best soft close barn door hardware

We can process bulk orders, ship out and ensure fast delivery to your location anywhere in the world. To order these fast-selling soft close enabled barn door hardware, send us your customer contact form today.

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