Val av köksluckor

Val av köksdörrar

Due to the pandemic, the demand for functional partition of space is increasing. Take the kitchen for example, we bring some solutions in terms of different scenarios. Let’s start with the single door. Top hanging sliding single doors are typical DIY products that are easy to install and can be upgraded on existing doors unnecessary …

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Om spökdörr

Om Ghost Door

Ghost door is the latest trend in modern home design. It provides a mystery for your living space and allows for a bit of privacy. Ghost sliding door system is a wall-mounted sliding system with hardware and track behind the door, whose door panel is closely attached to the wall. It creates the visual effect of a floating …

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Om dörrkapell

The door canopy is a cover on the side of a building, generally on the top of the exterior door or window. It’s designed to enhance the overall beauty of the house and give protection from the weather when leaving or entering a property. For example, the door canopy will keep you dry when you …

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dekorationsfodral för rörhandtag

Om Ladugårdsdörrhandtag

Unlike other conventional interior doors, the sliding barn door has its own unique character and represents a modern rustic aesthetic. It is often compared to a moving mural. As an important accessory for barn doors, we got a lot of inquiries about barn door handles from our customers. So, what handles could perfectly fit the …

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Sliding pocket door system

Sliding Pocket Door System

Sliding pocket doors are a fancy and modern style that naturally saves space. They can be used in a tight location where the space is not enough for a swinging door to invert or out-swing. Compared with the current sliding barn doors, which are really popular nowadays, sliding pocket doors perform much better in terms …

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