Skjutdörrsystem i glas, aluminiumskena, utan aluminiumkåpa

Upgrade your interiors with this YMXT-XC31 aluminum track sliding glass door system, which effortlessly combines simplicity and sophistication. Designed for both commercial and residential use, it is the perfect choice to elevate space with an elegant interior transformation.

Modell nr.: YMXT-XC31
Ref.NR: 150305-4382&159900-5686
Kort beskrivning: Aluminum track sliding glass door system without aluminum cover
Placera: För användning inom innerdörr
Ansökan: For both commercial & residential use
Huvudmaterial: Aluminium
Ytfinish: Anodisering
Skenlängd: 2000 mm (78-3/4 tum)
Max laddning: 800kg(176LBS)
Arbetscykler: 100 000 cykler
För dörrtyp: Glasdörr
För dörrtjocklek: 10mm(3/8″)
Door Size : 2175*965mm
Mjuk stängning: Included
Funktioner: This is quite suitable for commercial use, like for hospitality projects.


Constructed primarily from aluminum, our sliding glass door system boasts an anodized surface finish.

The rail spans a length of 2000mm (78-3/4 inch), promising to carry a load of up to 80kg (176 lbs), attesting to its robust structure.

Notably, the door system is compatible with glass doors having a thickness of 10mm (3/8″). It can accommodate a door size of 2175*965mm, with the flexibility of customizing the glass door size as per your requirements.

The concealed hanging wheels and doorstops inside the track set this sliding glass door system apart. This design element renders it a sense of simplicity yet decency, adhering to European-style aesthetics.

Additionally, our sliding glass door system’s durability can be gauged by its ability to endure more than 100,000 working cycles.

For an enhanced user experience, it comes with a soft closing feature, ensuring safety by preventing fingers from getting hurt when the doors are abruptly closed.

In short, contact us today and order our product.



Del montering Part assembly 2

Del montering


Förpackningsmetod Components into boxes and a complete set into a carton, one glass into a carton. 11 sets into a wooden crate.
Försäljningsenhet Förpackningstyp Kartong
Sales Unit Packing Size(hardware) 2040*125*60 mm
ANTAL/Pall 112/PLT
Pallstorlek 2240*880*1120mm
Laddar QTY 1344sets/20GP

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