About Ghost Door

Ghost door is the latest trend in modern home design. It provides a mystery for your living space and allows for a bit of privacy.

Ghost sliding door system is a wall-mounted sliding system with hardware and track behind the door, whose door panel is closely attached to the wall. It creates the visual effect of a floating door and you can only see an elegant and stylish door panel moving. That’s why it’s called the ghost door.

About ghost door

Unlike other traditional sliding door systems, the position of the guide rail and the hanging wheel are swapped. The hanging wheel is fixed on the wall, and the guide rail is embedded in the door panel.

About ghost door

Specially, there is only one hanging wheel. To ensure durability, two bottom wheels are installed on the two corners under the door to bear most of the door weight, and the soft closer also plays a buffer role to ensure the smooth operation of closing the door and provide customers with a good using experience.

About ghost door

The practical ghost sliding door system YMXT-XC34 from Tengyu is a good example.

About ghost door

The complete set includes 2 x soft closers, 2 x bottom wheels, 1 x floor guide, 1 x hanging wheel, 1 x sliding rail, and 1 x bottom track.

About ghost door

About ghost door

This system is highly functional:

The components are made of top-grade aluminum with low density and high strength, which ensures the long-lasting durability of the system.

6-way adjustable hanger, which can overcome irregularities in the wall.

POM bottom wheels with ball bearing for minimum friction create silent paths to allow the door to slide smoothly and quietly. Help users easily open and close the door with the best silent performance and long service life.

Floor guides prevent the door from swinging inside and out as it moves.

The standard backup safety stop makes it easy to close the door safely.

The max load is 60kg (176lbs), which is an excellent load capacity for most ghost sliding door systems.

100000 cycles tested system fits wood/metal frame panel.

YMXT-XC34 system with wooden door

YMXT-XC34 system with wooden door

YMXT-XC34 system with metal frame door

YMXT-XC34 system with metal frame door

Take advantage of the following advantages of ghost doors to inspire truly creative ideas in your home renovations.

1. Minimalist

The invisible hardware and tracks give the ghost doors a simple modern look that blends in with the walls and perfectly shows the elegance of the space.

2. Save space

After opening, the door panel moves to one side, close to the wall, and the track is hidden inside the door panel, which cleverly solves the problem of narrow indoor space.

About ghost door

3. Privacy

Ghost doors look like a color block on a wall or a movable art painting, so it’s a great way to be used as a secret door. One more idea is that if we made the ghost door panel with a mirror, it would also function as a dressing mirror. Meanwhile, it looks like a fixed mirror, but it’s actually a secret door.

About ghost door

4. Easy to clean

No floor track; cleaning is convenient.

The bellowing is the ghost door’s disadvantage.

1. Poor sound insulation

The ghost sliding door is suspended outside the doorway, so there is a gap, and the sealing effect is poor. This is a common problem with most sliding doors, but Tengyu can reduce the gap to 8mm.

2. Complex installation

The panel needs to be cut and drilled, so customers are required to have relevant experience.

The ghost door is an efficient, space-saving system. The hidden hardware set works with any space you’re decorating. Take a wooden ghost door as an example.

About ghost door

Bedroom                                                                                                                         Kitchen

About ghost door

Study                                                                                                                     Living room

About ghost door

Cloakroom                                                                                                                            Bathroom

In a word, ghost doors are a creative solution for interior decoration.

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