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Sliding Ghost Door System

Sliding Pocket Door System

Metal Frame Glass
Sliding Door

A modern living room corner with an open door, a floor lamp, a framed abstract artwork on the wall, a potted plant, and a grey sofa with a throw pillow.
Black framed screen door isolated on a white background.

Metal Frame Glass
Swing Door

Minimalist interior with an abstract painting on the wall and a glimpse of a bedroom with a white dresser through an open door.
Three-panel folding mirror with black frames.

Metal Frame Glass


Modern bathroom with a glass-enclosed walk-in shower next to a white bathtub, featuring black fixtures and neutral tile design.

How to Install a Glass Shower Door? A Step-by-Step DIY Guide

Glass shower doors are a popular type of door made of tempered glass that encloses a shower or bathtub area.They are made of thick tempered ...
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Modern bathroom interior with a glass-enclosed shower, white vanity with two sinks, and white wicker baskets under the sink, neutral tones.

What Does a Frameless Shower Door Mean?

When talking about shower doors, there are three main types:  frame shower doors, semi-frameless shower doors, and frameless shower doors.  All of them are glass ...
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What are standard barn door sizes

What Are Standard Barn Door Sizes: Dimensions and Guidelines

Ultimate Barn Door Size Guide For Perfect Installation To ensure the perfect fit for your barn door, accurate measuring is essential. Here are the key ...
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About Metal Frame Glass Barn door

About Metal Frame Glass Barn Door

Barn doors are very popular in decoration in recent years. Over the years we have refined and introduced metal frame glass barn doors. In comparison ...
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Meeting room

Application Scenarios of Metal Frame Glass Barn Doors

Modern home decoration keeps pace with times, but the metal frame glass barn doors, as one of these classical elements that are suitable for most ...
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Adjustable Floor Guide for Wooden Doors

The floor guide is one of the most important components of the sliding door system. It prevents the door from swinging inside & out as ...
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