Aluminum Concealed Track Sliding Hidden Barn Door Hardware Kit

Model NO.: YMXT-XC34
Ref.NO.: 150305-4172
Brief Description: Ghost sliding door system
Position: For interior door use
Application: Residential
Main Material: Aluminum
Surface Finish: Anodization aluminum
Rail Length: 1000mm(39-3/8inch), or to be customized
Max Loading: 60kg(176LBS)
Working Cycles: 100000cycles
For Door Type: Wooden doors, Metal frame doors
For Door Thickness: 32mm(1-1/4inch) to 45mm(1-3/4inch)
Features: The soft closing set included. The wooden door need to be cut to fit the kit.


More Introduction

Concealed track sliding door system, everything but the door is hidden from the view.6-way adjustable hanger, designed to overcome common wall irregularities. Adjustable without having to drop the door. Compatible with doors 31″-71″ wide, and track can be cut in the field for custom door width. The upper hanger contains nylon wheels with steel ball bearings to allow the door to slide smoothly and quietly. Accommodates 9/16″,1-1/16″, and 1-9/16″ clearance between wall and face of the door. A backup safety stop comes standard and is hidden from view to ensure the door closes safely. Everything but the door is concealed to bring modern doors style. Fits Glass/wood panel, the soft closing set included.



Part assembly

Part assembly

Product Package

Packing Method Components into boxes and a complete set into a carton, around 84 cartons into a wooden crate.
Sales Unit Packing Type Carton
Sales Unit Packing Size 1040*125*65 mm
QTY/Pallet 84/PLT
Pallet Size 1100*810*107mm
Loading QTY 2352sets/20GP, 4704/40GP

hidden barn door hardware

The hidden barn door brings a classy modern look to any room or commercial space where it is installed. These are usually wood doors weighing about 60 kg or more, gliding on the concealed aluminum track. These products have similar features, just like the aluminum hidden track used for the barn door.

The installation process is relatively straightforward if you have a complete hidden barn door hardware kit. The components in the hardware kit are easy to use, whether the package contains wood doors or metal framed doors.

The use of sliding wood doors in residential homes has become popular because these products have some of the best features when it comes to wood doors. Some users refer to it as the floating door because of the attractive physical features of the solid wood doors. The fact that this product features a concealed sliding system is an added benefit for customers intending to buy and install them in buildings.

Overall, these are among the best interior doors we would recommend to the larger public because they are products of aesthetic and functional research designed to create a sliding door that overcomes the practical challenges of other door options.

The Hidden Sliding Door Structure

There are several features that make these products suitable for use when installing interior doors in homes or commercial places. The door frame depends on the material used to make it. The solid wood door have a frame made of wood, while other versions may have a metal frame.

Since the hardware components are hidden from view, the barn doors look more aesthetically appealing.

The structure features a 6-way adjustable hanger designed to enhance user experience. You can adjust the hanger without dropping the door. Also, the structure accommodates doors measuring 31 to 71 inches, and the tracks can be cut to get custom door measurements. The upper hanger features nylon wheels and steel ball bearings which work fantastically, allowing the door panels to slide quietly. A 9/16″. 1-1/16″ and 1-9/16″ clearance exists between the wall and door panels. The standard backup safety stop makes it easy to close the door safely, and everything related to functional or moving parts is concealed, creating a modern style. The structure is suitable for glass and wood panels, and a soft closing set is included in the package.

The overall structure of these sliding doors is designed to match the solid floor because all you see are the door panels held in place by hidden hardware. And the features are versatile, so they can fit into a smaller door panel or be wall mounted. The standard features include:

Concealed Track

The invisible track gives the whole setting a neat modern look. This is a product of functional research done to ensure only the best innovative product reaches the end users. The unique hardware for installing this concealed track makes the job seem easy.

Hidden Bottom Rollers

These silent bottom rollers make these functional doors the perfect choice for residential homes. When opened or closed, the occupants in that home will not hear the loud rumble from the bottom rollers beneath the door. This is why the products are among the top-rated wall mounted sliding doors with excellent shipping options.

Modern Door Style

The absence of hardware gives the door a clean, streamlined look. And it can be integrated with the surrounding environment. Add artistry to your barn door in addition to functionality. The hidden hardware set works with any barn door panel of your choice and any space you’re decorating.

Lower Clearance

Compared with traditional barn doors, concealed barn door require less installation space and are more convenient. For example, if the distance between your door frame and the ceiling is small, a concealed barn door will be more suitable for you. You can try hidden barn doors in some smaller scenes at home, such as bathrooms, closets, and pantries, which will bring unexpected surprises.

Door Thickness

These doors have the right thickness that accommodates the completely concealed hardware sliding system. It blends with the walls, so if you do not look closely, it will not seem as if the sliding doors are installed until someone opens them.

Concealed Sliding System

The sliding doors work seamlessly because of the extensive aesthetic and functional research to create the innovative product. The sliding door concealed track creates a soundless path with the best shock absorbers to prevent loud bangs while the door is in use. This new concept is often described as one of the best systems for wall-mounted doors. This is because it does not have the practical challenges often experienced with other products.

Can a Privacy Latch Be Fixed?

Depending on the shipping country and applicable rules, it is possible for the installers to attach a privacy latch to the sliding doors. This latch can allow users to lock the door from within when they need to restrict access to the room.

The hidden track and doorway could create the perception that it is mainly a wood panel put up for decorative purposes if the latch is locked from the other side.

However, it is also a great idea to confirm whether the product can be equipped with a privacy latch.

The Functional Tracks for the Sliding Barn Door

The hidden barn door hardware kit contains the essential tools needed for the track installation. Just like the barn doors, this floating door needs a concealed sliding system that also has a clip path.

The tracks have a crucial function. Without the tracks beneath these doors, the user may encounter practical challenges like swinging doors that bang against the walls, potentially causing annoying marks on the walls.

With the tracks correctly installed, there will be fewer possibilities that the door will swing back and forth while it is in use. The hidden track is also a new concept that provides an adequate clearance beneath the door panel or cabinet. This creates the illusion that the loading capacity is minimal and the installed system is automatically controlled.

Choosing the Best Sliding Door with Invisible Track

Invisible Track

The first thing to do is to get an accurate measurement of the sliding barn door and compare it with the opening for wood doors. It is always best to create an allowance by adding a few inches to the measurement. This can always be adjusted during installation.

When you have the correct length from the header board to the floor, you can select the door panel that matches these details in thickness. If you are confused about the door thickness, it is best to contact the customer support team for that brand before making a purchase. It is also best to buy products with a complete barn door kit.

Where to Buy Hidden Barn Door Hardware Kit

There are many sellers on the market, but not all these brands can be trusted. It would be best if you bought wholesale barn door hardware from a trusted source. This is where we come in.

Our company sells products that combine aesthetic and functional research. The products are top quality and feature a complete range of accessories like the magic 2 concealed sliding system, wheels, rollers, hangers, and other items that must be in the hardware installation kit. The innovative product has wall mount features and simple tips anyone can follow to install them.

The customer’s response is outstanding, and we sell at the best price. Please send us an email or a completed customer contact form to purchase these products in bulk.

Basic Maintenance Tips

There are simple DIY videos the owners can watch to maintain barn doors using the hardware kit. These measures can protect the ceiling, and solid floor, ensuring the door works without scratching these parts of the house.

Keeping the Barn Door Rollers Lubricated

This is a crucial maintenance tip to prolong the product. It is best to lubricate these parts using a silicone spray that makes it so easy to open or close the doors.

Keep the Hidden Track Clean

The solution to keeping the hidden track clean is wiping the surface with a wet cloth every month. This helps to remove any obstacle that may become stuck on the tracks, making the sliding door movement difficult.

Hidden Barn Door Hardware- Product Review

concealed sliding door hardware

The hidden barn door remains a top-selling product because it has a unique aesthetic appeal and functional parts that last for many years. The products can also be shipped to many parts of the world, so more people can access them.

Maintenance Requirements

The care tips for this door are simple. You only need to keep the moving parts, like the concealed sliding system, adequately lubricated and clean the surface of these wooden doors. The door hardware kit has items that are also durable and handy for quick fixes if necessary.


Here are the top features of this product:

Product Identification Tag

For easy identification, this product comes with a reference number that potential buyers can use to find on the market. The other option is to know the other specs. But with the reference number, a quick search online brings out the picture. Also, there is a model number for this particular product.

It is essential to include this information to ensure buyers do not make a mistake when shopping for hidden barn door hardware online.

Product Description

The best description for these fantastic products is that they are concealed sliding door systems. The performance is seamless because the wood doors weighing about 60 kg match the door hardware and tracks. The panels for the complete setup can be wood doors or metal framed doors. Shock absorbers are strategically positioned at different parts of the sliding door system to improve the operational experience. Also, these features help make the sliding doors work smoothly without causing unnecessary noise in the home. The neatly concealed sliding system adds to the attraction that has made these products bestsellers, and they have a long-term validity, which means little worries about maintenance costs.

Recommended Usage Advice

The manufacturers recommend that these products be installed in the home, where they are not exposed to external weather conditions. While the product is made from aluminum, which is best for the concealed sliding system, long-term exposure to moisture or intense heat can reduce the lifespan. For example, if the door hardware was meant to last for fifty years, external weather conditions can reduce that expectation to thirty years.

The sliding door is excellent for tight spaces, and it combines aesthetic and functional features that include using a wall mount or other hardware to close up the opening entrance. The installation takes only a few hours, depending on the space where the system should be installed. Overall. The customer reviews from users who installed the quality product in their residential apartments have been fantastic. The wheels work perfectly, and the floor has no adverse impact.

Main Material

The hardware kit features tools to fix the wheel’s loading system, and it is equipped with hangers. But the primary material is top-grade aluminum. Using aluminum has been the best solution to ensure the product lasts long and comes at a reasonable price. Also, aluminum is less dense compared to heavy steel. The reasonable weight makes it possible to work with the door hardware in suitable conditions.

Aluminum material is also perfect for products that may be stored for a long time until the seller needs to ship them to a far distance.

Rail Length

The rail length for these products depends on the floor design, wall, and the opening to be covered by the barn door hardware. The installer will need to first measure the opening before creating a product with the correct rail length.

While the rail length can be customized, there is an average track length for the opening we see in residential homes for regular-sized doors. The average measurement of this opening for the track length is 1000 mm. Therefore, this may be the quoted value you find on online web pages for these quality products. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you need a customized rail length for your home installation.

Surface Finishing

The surface finishing for these products is anodization aluminum. This is one of the best options for finishing these products because it is the perfect match for different floor or wall types. The quality is also fantastic, according to the information posted in the review section.

The surface finishing makes it easy to clean and maintain the product. All that is needed to clean it is a moist cloth, and you can watch videos via an online URL to find more maintenance tips.

Maximum Loading Capacity

The hidden barn door hardware has a loading capacity of 60 kg. This is what you will see on the product packaging, but in some cases, the value is given in pounds. If that is the case, you will see the value of loading capacity written as 176 lbs. On average, this is an excellent loading capacity for the hidden barn door, whether it has wood or metal framed panels. However, the product can be customized to meet specific needs. It is essential to specify proposed customizations before completing the order.

Working Cycles

The working cycle count for this hidden barn door hardware is impressively high, which is another reason why these products are bestsellers. The working cycle is given as 100,000 cycles. This means the residents in the house can continue opening and closing these hidden doors multiple times without worrying about ruining the hardware or concealed sliding system. There is no need to fill the sides or beneath the hardware system because the installation process involves using accurate measurements to ensure the floor clearance is good.

Suitable Door Panels

This product is best for projects that require you to install wood doors or metal frame doors. The doors fit perfectly if the installation is done correctly, so there is no need to fill any part of the opening.

The wood doors and metal frame doors are the top recommendations for this project because they fall within the best weight range for the hidden barn door hardware installation.

Door Thickness

Determining the door thickness is easy because the manufacturers usually indicate the specification on the product packaging. The standard thickness for this project should be from 32 mm to 45 mm. This is excellent for the entrance opening in a residential or commercial building.

Soft Closing Set

The soft closing set that comes with this hidden barn door hardware kit is one of the best on the market. It works seamlessly. However, some installers may need to make slight adjustments to ensure the soft closing set matches the kit perfectly. This is the best way to get the concealed sliding system working perfectly.

Buy Hidden Barn Door Hardware Kits in Bulk

These are outstanding products because the part assembly is easy, and the features can be adjusted, so there is no need to fill or break the floor unnecessarily. To order these products in bulk, fill out and send us a customer contact form with your order details, and we will respond quickly.

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