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The Structures of Doors & Windows

Doors are indispensable to any property, which are used to connect areas like two rooms or the exterior and interior of a house, and they …

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Maintenance methods for Solid wood doors

Maintenance Methods for Solid Wood Doors

Solid wood doors are made of precious species, coupled with excellent craftsmanship and durable properties, and they have a high collection value. Therefore, it is …

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Timber Door

General Knowledge of Timber Door

Terms and definitions of timber doors: Timber Door: It is a wooden door, including its frame product made of wooden materials (plank, lumber, synthetic wood, …

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About Metal Frame Glass Barn door

About Metal Frame Glass Barn Door

Barn doors are very popular in decoration in recent years. Over the years we have refined and introduced metal frame glass barn doors. In comparison …

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Meeting room

Application Scenarios of Metal Frame Glass Barn Doors

Modern home decoration keeps pace with times, but the metal frame glass barn doors, as one of these classical elements that are suitable for most …

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Adjustable Floor Guide for Wooden Doors

The floor guide is one of the most important components of the sliding door system. It prevents the door from swinging inside & out as …

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