Sliding Pocket Door System

Sliding pocket doors are a fancy and modern style that naturally saves space. They can be used in a tight location where the space is not enough for a swinging door to invert or out-swing.

Sliding pocket door system

Compared with the current sliding barn doors, which are really popular nowadays, sliding pocket doors perform much better in terms of leakproof, which follows that more reassuring privacy could be enjoyed.

Sliding pocket door system

Take it to be used in the US as an instance, and a typical sliding pocket door structure is as below diagram. The key feature is to prevent anything unexpected from interfering with the doors sliding in and out of the wall cavity. This requires the sliding system to have additional upright posts to isolate the wall cavity from the wall.

sliding pocket door structure

The TENGYU YMXT-XC39 is a practical sliding pocket door system. The complete set includes 4 x tube uprights, 1 x aluminum track with a wood header, 1 x double-sided soft closes, 2 x hangers with mounting plates,2 x mounting brackets,1 x door guide,2 x floor adjustable anchors.


Sliding rail Sliding rail
·Precision extruded track is made of heavy-walled aluminum and guarantees that your door will not jump the track
· One-piece pine wood header to provide more strength than finger jointed one.
Hanging wheel Hanging wheel
·Smooth running carriages with encased ball bearings help users open and close doors easily, and less than 5lbs force is enough to do it.
·Quick-release locking tab of the door clamp fixing could make remove the door without tearing apart the wall.
·Up to 200lb(100Kg) capacity
All-steel heavy duty tube uprights All-steel heavy-duty tube uprights
·It’s quite stiff based on the all-steel material and the section design of closed-loop type
Door guide Door guide
· Quick and easy to fit the door with no holes to drill, this guide cleverly guarantees a perfectly centered position.
Soft closer Soft closer
· Double-sided soft closes included ensuring doors are smoothly braked which greatly improves the user experience and effectively prevents the slammed door from injuring children’s hands.
·Our soft closer could sustain more than 100,000 working cycles with a maximum of 80kg capacity. It’s durable for both commercial and residential use.

The YMXT-XC39 pocket system accommodates 1-inch and 1-3/4 inch door thickness (25mm and 45mm). The rail length is 72 inches (1830mm) up to 96 inches (2438mm) and can be cut down to size on site.



The typical working positions as for Pocket door

The typical working positions for pocket door

The YMXT-XC39 pocket system has been purposely designed to be assembled very quickly and simply. The pocket system kit is extremely compact to store, the volume per sales carton unit is 0.037 CBM only.

kit human
Packaging for kit
G.W.: 4.0kg
N.W.: 2.8kg
Dimensions: 2165*200*75mm

The YMXT-XC39 system is suitable for residential and commercial projects as after 100,000 opening and closing cycles, and the system showed no significant traces of wear or damage whatsoever.

YMXT-XC39 system with wooden door YMXT-XC39 system with metal frame door
YMXT-XC39 system with wooden door

YMXT-XC39 system with metal frame door

Here are some application scenarios for the pocket door system. I hope they can give you some ideas when decorating.

application scenarios for pocket door system

application scenarios for pocket door system

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