Privacy Interior Sliding Barn Door Lock Hardware

Model NO.: SJ-A02
Ref. NO.: 159900-3866
Brief Description: Privacy door lock for sliding barn door
Position: For interior door use
Application: Both Residential and commercial use
Main Material: SS304 & Zinc alloy
Surface Finish: Brushed stainless steel
Working Cycles: 100000cycles
For Door Type: Wooden doors
For Door thickness: 35mm(1-3/8inch) to 45mm(1-3/4inch)
Features: With external emergency unlocking device


More Introduction

Barn door (hardware) are very popular all over the world nowadays. However, many users are suffering from the lack of a privacy lock solution. This privacy barn door lock is an ideal solution. It’s quite convenient to install and simple to use.



Product Package

Packing Method A full set into a poly bag, 45 sets into a carton
Sales Unit Packing Type carton
Sales Unit Packing Size 470*260*220MM
Pallet size 1970*1130*1050MM
Loading QTY 28800sets for 1x20GP


Installing a barn door is an excellent idea because they are one of the best sliding doors you will find suitable for residential homes. But many homeowners complain about the lack of privacy because most of the old model barn doors do not have a barn door lock. This is no longer a problem because you can now buy well-designed barn doors with a secure barn door lock or have one installed.

The barn door locking hardware is easy to use, which makes them one of the best innovative features introduced for this product. The barn door locks on these doors are reliable and durable. You may come across these products described as barn door privacy lock online, but it is best to buy them in bulk quantities from an established seller. We sell the best barn door locks in bulk.

You can view this outstanding product on our web page and send us a customer contact form to bulk order the barn door privacy lock.

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

When securing a barn door with the best locks, you should understand that the barn door lock position may vary. The barn door has flexible features that allow you to choose the best operating system for your convenience.

You can install a sliding barn door and choose to fix a barn door lock that works only from the inner side. This means after you close the barn door, you will only be able to lock the door securely from the other side.

This barn door lock position is best for installing barn doors to partition exclusive areas in your home. These are areas where you would like to have some level of privacy.

On the other hand, you can follow the installation instructions to fix a barn door lock on both sides of the wood panel. This means anyone living in the building can open or lock the brand door on either side.

The sliding door is always balanced on the barn door track, so after locking the wood panel, there is no worry about privacy issues or unauthorized entrance.

How Does a Barn Door Lock Work?

You can follow the installation instructions to fix this lock on any barn door. Also, the operating method is easy, so using the sliding barn door in homes is always a great choice.

This is a top-rated privacy barn door lock uniquely designed for the sliding barn door models. It works seamlessly and requires minimal maintenance.

The rim locking mechanism is attached to the wall, just at the point where the barn door meets the wall. There is a catch also fixed on the barn door. The installer does proper measurements to ensure the catch meets the jamb surface on the walls. When the locking mechanism slides into place, it holds fast, locking the barn door. You can release the lock from the inside to free the sliding doors.

The barn door locks are pretty easy to use and made with durable parts. So, these products last for a long time, giving your top value for your money.

Common Issues with the Barn Door Locks

The barn door locks are essential in the whole setup because they allow you secure the barn door panels, when you need some privacy. The locks on these doors are easy to use, but if you are uncertain about how they function, please read the product’s manual. You should find key instructions and step by step guide on how to use the door lock features without stress.

The barn door lock is specially crafted to last for many years, so you should not expect to experience any issues while using them. However, this is an assurance when you buy the products from a trusted source.

The common issues you may experience while using the locks include:

Noisy Operation

You may hear unsettling noises while using the locks after some time. This can happen due to rust in the system. Ignoring the noises can be your first reaction to the situation, but that will not solve the problem. It is best if you do something about it. You should have the locks checked by an expert locksmith, and if necessary change it for a new lock.

Oiling the locks is another way to reduce the impact of corrosion in the locking mechanism. So, you can try putting in some drops of oil to keep the moving parts working seamlessly without all that noise.

Stuck Locks

The lock on a barn door can become stuck while in use. If this happens suddenly, it can cause anxiety, since you cannot secure the room until you fix the lock. However, these locks give signs before failing.

Again, you can routinely keep the locks well oiled with few drops daily. But, if it gets stuck, please invite a locksmith to have a look, to know if you need a replacement.

Product Category

SJ-A02 barn door lock

The barn door lock is an excellent idea because it provides privacy, and the doors help save space in the room. Also, the quick installation is an advantage if the room is a busy part of the house. Also, there is limited access because of the locks on the door.

Here is our top-rated product:

Sliding Barn Door Lock Hardware

This barn door lock hardware is one of the best products on the market, sold under registered trademarks. The door lock protects the edge on all sides, and the installation time for the hardware is impressive.

Recommended Usage

These are the perfect door locks for any room in residential buildings or offices. It is essentially a national hardware door lock for privacy, and it stands out from other locks. The experts can install the latch in a short time, and it comes with an emergency release feature that works perfectly.

These locks are also perfect for barn doors in the bathroom or other interior parts of the home.

Primary Production Material

The primary materials used to make these doors include zinc alloy and steel for the emergency release system. These are durable materials that can be lubricated when necessary to keep the door locks functioning correctly.

Surface Finishing

The brushed stainless steel finishing is beautiful. It gives the product an excellent texture and helps enhance durability.

This is the best finishing to match the jamb surface.

Working Cycles

These are excellently designed door locks suitable for quick installation and can be used for up to 100,000 working cycles. On average, users will not reach the minimum working cycle count, so this device is a significant investment.

Door Panel Type

The best door panel for any project involving the quick installation of a pocket door lock is wood, which is the perfect exterior. The stock locks have a complete key set to unlock or secure the door.

While the locks are great for wood panels, the recommended thickness for these panels is from 35 mm to 45 mm. Also, wood panels are the best match for any wall type.

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