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Mini barn doors in home decoration

Mini Barn Doors in Home Decoration

The mini barn door functions as a decorative solution for many applications and is crafted to offer the same look and taste as an interior-door barn door, while it’s designed at a smaller size. It can be used on cabinets, vanities, TV stands, or simply as part of the overall decor. Now let’s take a

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Steel framed glass doors and windows for home style

Steel Framed Glass Doors and Windows for Home Style

When it comes time to choose new interior doors and windows for your home, steel-framed glass doors and windows are a good option you can be considered because it is well suited for many different styles. In homes with modern and contemporary style, steel-framed glass doors and windows with simple muntins offer a minimal design

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Sliding pocket door system

Sliding Pocket Door System

Sliding pocket doors are a fancy and modern style that naturally saves space. They can be used in a tight location where the space is not enough for a swinging door to invert or out-swing. Compared with the current sliding barn doors, which are really popular nowadays, sliding pocket doors perform much better in terms

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opened door

2022 Statistics About Doors

Doors constitute an essential feature of our buildings. They ensure privacy, security, and comfort within a building. Notwithstanding these features, it’s easy to think nothing is interesting about them. In this article, we want to challenge that idea and show that there are many fascinating things you can learn about doors. We start by providing

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