Wooden Sliding Door System

Tengyu is a wholesale manufacturer of wooden sliding door systems, offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of builders, designers, and architects. Their collection includes high-quality sliding door systems that are made from durable materials and designed to last.

Their wooden sliding door system collection includes a variety of options to suit different design aesthetics and functional needs. They offer traditional sliding door systems, as well as barn door systems and bi-fold door systems, providing flexibility for different installation requirements.

Tengyu’s sliding door systems come with a range of track options, including standard and heavy-duty tracks, bypass and bi-fold tracks. Their hangers and rollers are designed to work seamlessly with their tracks, and they offer a variety of options to support doors of different sizes and weights.

In addition to their sliding door systems, Tengyu also offers a range of accessories to enhance their functionality, including floor guides, door stops, and handles. These accessories are designed to work with Tengyu’s sliding door systems and provide a complete solution for any wholesale buyer.

Tengyu’s wooden sliding door systems are a versatile and reliable choice for any wholesale buyer looking to provide their customers with high-quality sliding door solutions. With a range of options and accessories available, Tengyu’s collection can meet a variety of design and functional needs, making it a great choice for builders, designers, and architects.

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