Adjustable Floor Guide for Wooden Doors

The floor guide is one of the most important components of the sliding door system. It prevents the door from swinging inside & out as the door moves. Common floor guide has a fixed gap for door thickness, but there are also adjustable ones that can fit your door panel of different thicknesses by adjusting

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Meeting room

Application Scenarios of Metal Frame Glass Barn Doors

Modern home decoration keeps pace with times, but the metal frame glass barn doors, as one of these classical elements that are suitable for most styles, are hardly going out of fashion. It has a wide range of applications as interior decoration. The following there are some practical application scenarios of the metal frame glass

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About Metal Frame Glass Barn door

About Metal Frame Glass Barn Door

Barn doors are very popular in decoration in recent years. Over the years we have refined and introduced metal frame glass barn doors. In comparison with wooden slab barn doors, this kind of metal frame glass barn doors preserves the functionality of the wooden barn doors, and it also has its own advantages. For example,

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12 Of The Most Fascinating Hidden Doors Around The World

12 of The Most Fascinating Hidden Doors Around The World

Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly discovered a secret door leading to a mysterious part of your home you had never seen before. Freddy Goodall doesn’t have to imagine because he found a secret door in his family’s 500-year-old home. He speculates that in the past, the door provided a passageway for servants and other staff who were generally not

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